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Critical Mass

Sept 25th, 2015 - It’s only fitting that my Miami Vice themed bike (painted by DuWerks) made its debut at the Miami Critical Mass last night. In comparison to other last Friday nights of the month the crowd was quite thin, possibly due to the chance of rain or the daunting 25 MILE route. Neither stopped Team Spinetics from wheeling through the bike packs, well most of it... We always look forward to the Critical Mass ride or as many worldwide (300+ cities) refer to as an “organized coincidence.”  See you next time!

Thank YOU Backers!

August 28th 2015 - With less than twelve hours to go, we are wrapping up on our first campaign. Nick and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your pledges, feedback and willingness to share our story. We are already in the works of our next campaign and we'd love to send you a note prior to launch. To be in the know, send us your email by clicking here (we promise we won't spam you!) http://www.spineticsinc.com/firstdibs/

We'll be in touch soon and thanks again.

Kickstarter Update: Three Days To Go

August 25th 2015 - We are coming up on the end of this campaign. While it’s not exactly where we thought we’d be, we are so grateful for all of your feedback, questions, criticisms and positive juju. Nick and I have learned a TON throughout this campaign, so much that we’re applying it to our next endeavor. Sign up here and you’ll be the first to know when we launch: http://www.spineticsinc.com/firstdibs/

Thanks Kickstarter Staff!!

August 4th 2015 - We were given the Kickstarter "badge of honor" with a Staff Pick last night. This is the momentum we need to ramp up our campaign. After a slow start, we are remaining very hopeful for a positive outcome. Help us keep our efforts rolling!! 24 days to go. 


July 28th 2015 - Check out one of our Exclusive Backer Rewards behind the scenes video compiled by our videographer Jared and a local Wynwood artist DuWerks. We are so grateful for our talented friends who are all integral to bringing our project to life. Thanks again Jared & DuWerks!!

July 20th 2015 - Signed, sealed and almost delivered. We’re just south of our July, 30th launch, and there is no time for writers cramp or block in our final push. Be sure to check your mailboxes this week! For exclusive campaign info follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @spinetics 

July 16th 2015 - Mas café por favor! Check out the Spinetics flair on the fixit station at one our favorite local Wynwood coffee shops. With just over two weeks and counting until our Kickstarter launch, we are hard at work reaching every corner of the universe. Stay tuned…


July 3rd 2015 - We are humbled by the following from our community of fans. Thank you everyone for your support! Check out the most recent article posted in the South Florida New Times: 



June 26th 2015 – Drum roll please… We have our first fully completed backer reward, a customized fixie bicycle hand painted by Chris DuWerks a local Miami artist and firefighter.  Thanks DuWerks for inviting us to Station 7 to snap this pic against your custom refurbished woodwork. This is just a start to our backer rewards; stay tuned for others as we gear up for our July 30th launch. 

June 8th, 2015 - DuWerks, a local Wynwood street artist was hard at work customizing one of our backer rewards. Check out the complete time lapse video on our Kickstarter tab. A sneak preview of his first Miami Vice work of art below:

June 4th, 2015 - We got Pfunk’d (only the P is silent)! PFunk Media, a local Wynwood, Miami radio station interviewed us on their morning show at the LAB in Wynwood. It was a blast being in their sound booth and spreading the Spinetics word. A special thanks to Pabla, Mariana and Nelson for inviting us on-air! If you missed the broadcast, tune in by clicking on this link: https://soundcloud.com/pfunkcast/060415-pfunkcast-spinetics-nikki-novo 

May 29th, 2015 -  Last Friday night of the month, can only mean one thing… Critical Mass! We spread the Spinetics word by hurdling over bike pumps passing out stickers and t-shirts to conglomerates of bike posses, little tykes and leisure cyclists. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming feedback and for sharing our excitement about the CydeKick. One more ride (June 26th) before our July 30th launch date, meet us at the Govt Building start line for more bounties.

May 17th, 2015 - Captured the final footage for the Kickstarter vid today.  No mas filming por favor.  I can now understand, to some degree, the price of movie theater tickets.  Im falling asleep in the fetal position tonight.....kaput. 

May 13th, 2015 - Just polished off and launched our first Facebook Product Page!  Hope you like it.  We included some behind-the-scenes photos of the team to prove we aren't robots. Check it out and "like" our page for updates @Spineticsinc

April 4th, 2015 Spinetics …cut… Spinetics CydeKick…cut…. Spinetics CydeKick Pro Generator System…perfect! You thought we were done filming? Almost there. Thanks to the skills (and patience) of our videographer Jared, we captured a great day of narrative with our favorite Wynwood street art as back drops, all while maintaining shade from the intense Florida sun. It’s harder than you think. The initial phases of our Kickstarter Campaign are starting to come together, but we aren’t done yet. We are pumped up and need your support! Stay tuned for more exciting info to come.